Zyan Malik And Gigi Hadid Conforms PATCH UP !


Three months after they confirmed their breakup, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid seem to very much be back together — and they made it Insta-official on June 5!

Gigi Hadid posted a sweet photo of herself and Zayn Malik to her Instagram story on June 5, seemingly confirming they’re back together after breaking up in March. In the pic, Gigi is laying on Zayn’s lap, while he’s snuggling close to her and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Awww! Fans were devastated when these two announced their split in mid-March, so this PDA is definitely a refreshing sight for many ZiGi fans to see!

Of course, there’s already been indication that these two were getting back together in the weeks since their breakup. First, Zayn was spotted leaving Gigi’s New York City apartment on April 18. Then, at the end of April, they were caught (on video) kissing on the streets of NYC. He was seen at her apartment again in May, as well. However, Gigi’s Instagram story is the first time they’ve posted any evidence of the reconciliation on their own accord.


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