Youths Burn National Flag, Sang Anti-National Rap For YouTube, Cameraman Nabbed


In order to get quick fame, delinquent teenagers are nowadays going overboard, making offensive and violent videos on social media. In one such incident, some youths at Bagmati Rural Municipality in Makawanpur district allegedly burnt the Nepali national flag hand raised anti-national slogans to make a YouTube video go viral.

The song entitled ‘Deshdrohi’ uploaded through ‘Mangol Hope Official’ channel is severely criticized as racist, anti-nationalist and likely to provoke misunderstanding and unrest in the society. The song sang in rap genre has Mangol Gyalz Lee & ATM as its lyricist.

The song shot in the premise of Bishnu Primary School located at Bagmati Rural Municipality in Makawanpur has invited more than 44 thousand dislikes in 21 hours of upload.

Police have arrested one of the accused, who is a cameraman, prime accused of the song Mangol Gyalz Lee is in the lookout.

In the meantime, social site users including party leaders and celebrities came heavily against them. RPP lawmaker Rajendra Lingden tweeted, saying the song and written that no activities like provoking ethnic hatred and burning national flag is not acceptable.


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