‘Yatra : Travel Blog’ Drops Joyful Track Titled ‘Panch Panchhi’ And It Gives Us Major VALENTINE vibes


Makers of the movie ‘Yatra : Travel Blog’ have unveiled their first song ‘Paanch Panchhi’ on Monday in cyberspace. Senior maker Keshav Bhattarai come up with this venture and we have so many enthusiasm indeed.

The song has been composed by Prateek Poudel as well as beautifully crooned by Melina Rai, Dharmendra Sewan, Prechya Bajracharya and Upakar Pandey. The song has featured its titular cast inclusing Salin Man Baniya, Malika Mahat, Prechhya Bajracharya and Rear Rai.

The song chronicles the journey of characters and their joy. The movie is getting hype with its teaser and surely this song. Movie slated to release on 12th April, 2019 set to clash with Anmol KC starrer ‘A Mero Hajur 3’.

Enjoy the track :


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