‘Xira’ Movie Review : A Dull Soulless Affair


Rating: 1.5/5

An aspiring professional woman mix martial art player and a police inspector are living a happy married life before a gangster kills the inspector. The wife seeks revenge herself as she supposedly doesn’t believe in the system. This is the story of this week’s release from our tinsel town. With the mix martial at the core of its storyline, one can expect a plenty of kicking and boxing in the movie. What’s more there are enough of gun totting and sword wielding as well.

From the description above, it might sound like an entertaining affair for any action lovers. However, tacky editing with many continuity breaks, carelessly written dialogues and boring mid-section where the story doesn’t move at all are enough to let the viewers down. In addition, the characters act so recklessly that there aren’t any logics behind their action and mind you it’s not a love story. It’s as if the story takes place in a fictional world where law and order are a joke. Okay, it’s a movie and we believe that can happen but then why not give something to the viewers to connect to the storyline?

Despite the presence of Namrata Shrestha and Anup Bikram Shahi, a formulaic script, relatively short running time and a considerably low budget gives viewers of Xira the feel of what yesteryears’ Hollywood called the B movies. Even though for some parts of the movie has works of sincere efforts, especially the climax, the entire movie doesn’t give you that vibe. Albeit satisfactorily executed, the setting and action sequences of the final showdown between Xira and the nemesis along with his goons are heavily borrowed from the popular Indonesian venture ‘Raid 2’.

Namrata Shrestha does justice to the titular character and even looks the part. Anup Bikram Shahi doesn’t have much to do apart from romancing Namrata. He doesn’t handle serious scenes maturely and needs to improve his facial expression. However, all the characters are so poorly written that you don’t actually feel for any of them. Although overacting at times, Pramod Agrahari looks convincing as a menacing antagonist. Other characters do their parts alright.

Like I mentioned before, lack of continuity is the highlight of the movie. Background score, cinematography, color grading, make up of characters, all are convincing in one scene but again faltering at the other one. Perhaps perenniality wasn’t under anyone’s job description. The item number was worth viewing but the movie would have been much better without the remaining songs.

When I saw the trailer of this movie, I thought I would regret watching this. The movie isn’t as disappointing but it is not entertaining either save the last fight scene. Just as the title seems to be missing a letter to fit the pronunciation, the movie missing a vital component, its soul. And as the ending suggests, we probably have a sequel in the making. Let’s hope that sequel will be a soulful venture without any continuity breaks.

Producer: Praneeta Shrestha, Kara Shrestha
Director: Ashutosh Raj Shrestha
Cast: Namrataa Shrestha, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Promod Agrahari, Srijana Regmi, Raymon Das Shrestha, Suzta Shrestha, Samrat Magaret al.


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