When Malvika Subba Did HAMALA On Rishi Dhamala : Check Out The Sneak Peek


Rishi Dhamala and his wife Aliza is the guest of Malvika Subba’s popular TV show ‘Jevan Saathi’ today. Ahead of broadcast, channel Himalaya TV has released the interesting sneak peek of the show, where Malvika hammered on the Dhamala.

In the trailer, Malvika is asking about the sexual life of Dhamala. She asked to Dhamala, ‘How often you have sexual relation with wife Aliza, I cannot ask like this.’

The conversation turns interesting when Malvika raised the topics of Joyti Magar, controversial folk-singer, being asked earlier by Dhamala in his TV show ‘Dhamalako Hamala’. Now, situation seems Malvika did Hamala upon Dhamala.

Things went crazy when, actress Reecha Sharma and model Neeti Shah also shared the trailer on their Facebook page with caption : Thank you Di’. We could assume that, Reecha and Neeti took their revenge with Dhamala.

The show will air Friday (today) at 8 PM on Himalaya TV. Watch sneak peek here :


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