What Previews Are Saying On ‘Bir Bikram 2’ And ‘Jatrai Jatra’


“Bir Bikram 2′ and ‘Jatrai Jatra’ are set to release on Friday pan Nepal. Expectations are high among moviegoers. Both movies being seen by their closet and previews have been exposed.

Who already seen both movies, they have said, both movies are quite engaging. ‘Jatrai jatra’ has lot of turns and twist, run and chase and it’s hooking by prequel.

‘Bir Bikram 2’ also has lot of Nepali masala, which has romance, action, emotion and melodrama. ‘Presentation is formula-tic but story is intense’ source said after watching.

We have to wait till Friday that could both movies meet expectations ? Our prediction that, ‘Bir Bikarm 2’ likely to prefer by single screen audience and ‘Jatrai Jatra’ might do well in plexes.

‘Bir Bikram 2’ will have equation of (60 Single+40 Multiplex), while, ‘Jatrai Jatra’ would be (40 Single screen+60 Multiplexes). If things goes well, this equation might apply.


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