What If Deepak Raj Giri And Anmol KC Came Together: What Cooking Between Them ?


Obviously, ‘Chhakka panja’ is a magnum opus of Nepal and Anmol KC is super-star of country. Deepak Raj Giri is synonym of Chhakka Panja series. Both stars are spinning the money at Nepal Box Office. Both are darling actors for Nepali mainstream cinemas.

What if both stars roped in same movie? Can you imagine the hurricane at BO? Obviously, Deepak Raj Giri and distributors have the story and they are keen excited to cast Giri and KC in one venture.

The sounds might be good but process is tough! Recently, Distributor Manoj Rathi approached to Giri for the movie where Anmol could be roped. Instantly, Giri replied in positive note. However, this is informal talks, but it sounds well.

During the talks, Giri shared his casual story about two brothers where they would fight due to of their misunderstandings. ‘Bhai Fute Gawar Lute’ story seems quite fascinating indeed and we advice that both stars should play this venture.


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