Watch The Teaser Of Romantic Biopic BOBBY, It Seems Intriguing !


Milan Chams directorial complete romantic drama ‘Bobby’ has unveiled its much hyped teaser trailer on Friday on cyber space. The movie based on real incident and revolves around a deeply-in-love couple and shows their love, relationship, struggle and achievement.

What’s interesting about this project is that movie will feature the same couple Real life couple in lead on whom the movie is being made. They are Norway based engineer Umesh Thapa and Hotel management student Kabita Gurung.

We can see the picturesque locations of Norway in teaser and some important plots of the movie. In teaser, along with Umesh and Kabita, actor Vijaya Lama also being feature. He being portrayed as the reel father of actress.

The movie is written by Naresh Bhattarai and edited by Arjun GC. The movie made under the banner of Chams Entertainment and London Cine Eye. Nepal release date has not been conformed yet.


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