The Government Denies To Register ‘Dasdhunga 2’, Shooting of The Movie Yet In Limbo


Film Development Board (FDB) of Nepal has denied to register the title of “Dasdhunga 2”, a directorial venture of Kumar D Bhattrai. NFDB has said that it has sent the script for the approval from the Office of the President of Nepal. The process has been lingering for over three months.

According to director Bhattarai, FDB has asked for the script of the movie in advance to approve the title, which is a form of pre-censorship and it is against the constitution.

He says that he is going to oppose it. Our source asserts that since this venture is a prequel to the movie “Dasdhunga”, it will showcase the life of popular leader Madan Bhandari, and might explore the reasons why the mystery behind his death is not yet resolved.


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