‘The Breakup’ Movie Review : An Unromantic Boring Affair


Rupak Risal
Story: Two deluded people decide to have an “unattached” relationship for a period of time … or, do they?

Let’s start with the positives. Foreign locations look fantastic. The cameraman has done praiseworthy job of capturing the city lives of Australia and Pokhara. Cinematography, background score and performance of Raymon Das Shrestha are good. Let’s not forget Aashirman DS Joshi who looks better in this movie than his brother did in his last venture.

Let’s get serious now. Movies can sometimes be so illogical that it angers you. Don’t believe me? Go and watch The Break Up and you will know what I am talking about. Hemraj BC has come up with a supposedly romantic movie with no chemistry between lead characters. They behave like soulless, programmed robots, whose decisions in the movie only have regressive effects to the story line.

Of course all romantic comedies have a happy ending but this movie gets so serious at times that you almost think something different is in the offing, only to be disappointed way before the climax. Unnecessary lip lock scenes that doesn’t add anything to the story, several formulas borrowed from many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and mediocre attempts to make viewers laugh are the highlights of the movie.
There is nothing new in this movie, except for that ridiculous climax.

There aren’t any songs that you will remember after getting out of the cinema. Handicapped by a bad story and screenplay, this is Hemraj BC’s a mediocre venture. If you don’t want to have a glance at the spurious beauty of Australian city life, you won’t regret to avoid this.

Producer: Rupak Thapa, Deepak Khatiwada, Renu Rana, Hemraj BC
Director: Hemraj BC
Cast: Aashirman DS Joshi, ShilpaMaskey, Raymon Das Shrestha, SarojKhanal, ItchyaKarki, Sushmita Bomjan.


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