Taylor Swift Premieres ‘Delicate’ Video Today (Watch)


What could be a better lead-in for the premiere of a new video than winning a Best Video award? That was Taylor Swift’s introduction for her new video, ‘Delicate,’ the fourth from her latest album ‘Reputation.’

While the song is widely believed to be about the beginning stages of a relationship — in this case hers with actor Joe Alwyn — the video seems to be more of a musing on the downside of fame.

It opens with her being interviewed on a red carpet while reporters hover — during which a man in a black suit whose face is unseen hands her a note and a fan dressed as a bellman is dragged off by security. Moments later she’s seated in a dressing room while another fan is dragged off.

Bored, she opens the note and begins making faces at herself in the mirror — and then we’re in an opulent hotel and apparently the note somehow has made her invisible, yelling and clowning in an unsuccessful effort to get people’s attention.

She then takes advantage of her invisibility and begins dancing around the hotel, then does the same in a futuristic subway station, and finally on an empty street in the rain.



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