SURPRISED !! Prabal Gurung Exposed His Boyfriend !


During the conversation at Patan durbar Square in early this month, Hollywood fashion designer Prabal Gurung openly said that he is ‘Gay’ and he proud on his sexuality. He also said he is happy in relationship.

Now, the handsome boyfriend of Gurung has been revealed. He posted the photo in Instagram with caption, ‘MINE’. This is big surprise for the fans of Prabal and fans are sharing their happiness.


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‘MINE’ meant ‘MERO’ in Nepali, so it define the relationship indeed. Prabal has two Instagram account, among them he often post his private update in handle ‘Trouble With Prabal” and another is ‘Prabal Gurung’ which he keeps professional.

We can be sure that Prabal surprised us with his long time mystery. Now, the Pandora box is open and we have to say : BEST WISHES !!!


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