Shivani singh Tharu Say She Endured Harassment By Co-Workers In Nepal Television


Last week, #MeToo posts blew all over Facebook and Twitter. In context to Nepali celebrity, for first time celebrity writer and former VJ Shivani Singh Tharu have alleged that she suffered sexual abuse by co-workers in Nepal Television.

Taking the name of Hollywood’s notorious producer Harvey Weinstein, she claimed that her co-workers were touched to her body and allegedly tried to sexual harassment.

‘‪Like Hollywood sexual culprit Harvey Weinstein, we too have more mens. While working at Nepal Television i have also suffered from them’ Shivani tweeted with hashtag #metoo. she also tweeted her assaulted experience in another tweet.

hundreds of thousands of women have now taken to social media to share their own experiences of sexual harassment. This is called the ‘#MeToo’ movement, and it’s gone viral, in the way that these things do.

According to Twitter, this reveals ‘the magnitude of sexual assault’. In reality, it does nothing of the sort. #MeToo tells us far more about the desire of some women to reach for victimhood status.

Shivani is the first women celebrity who speak out against sexual harassment in work place. Earlier, some incidents were reported that there is huge casting couch problem in Nepali movie and modeling industry. Few incidents were revealed by victims and they were publicly criticizes.


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