Senti-Virus Drops Official Trailer : Here’s How Dhurmus Back With This Political-Social Drama


Makers of the movie ‘Senti-Virus’ have unveiled their official trailer on Wednesday in cyber-space. In an organized press meet at capital makers also announced to launch their publicity.

‘Kabaddi’ series famed Rambabu Gurung directorial movie has the lead roles of Sitaram Kattel Dhurmus, Kunjana Ghinmire Suntali, Dayahang rai, Eilson Bikram Rai and Buddhi Tamang.

The political and social drama movie also has the elements of comedy. Trailer reveals major plots and synopsis of the movie. The movie tells about how married couple being divide by politics.

The movie is releasing on 21t February, 2020 (9th Falgun, 2076). The movie produced by Dindu Lama Hyolmo and made under the banner of Subihani Films. According to Dhurmus, 50 percent box office collection will go to Cricket Stadium in Chitwan.


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