“Sano Mann” Movie Review : A Sincere Effort Handicapped by Clichés


Ratings: 2/5

Story: Sanya (Shilpa Maskey) is an anxiety disorder patient, who lives with her strict mother in Bhairahawa. Nirwan (Ayushman DR Joshi) is a carefree final year medical student studying in the US, who comes back home for a short trip after seven years. They meet each other in his house and become friends. However, do they fall in love and live happily ever after? To find this out, you have to go and watch the movie.

From the word go, Sano Mann is a product of sincere effort from the director and most of the actors. From The Break Up to KajagPatra and now Sano Mann, ShilpaMaskey has really grown as an actress. Her controlled and distressed look of an anxiety patient is very convincing. All other character actors as well look natural. It was pleasing to see GauriMalla back onscreen. Yet, icing on the cake for this movie has been Ayushman Deshraj Joshi. His portrayal of a goofy dude at the beginning and pain stricken patient afterwards is very believable and looks original. Director SuyogGurung is also worthy of a mention here for extracting convincing performances from all actors and handling the subject matter with such maturity.

All songs are situational and a couple of them could have been avoided. For music is one of the important components of the movie, it could certainly have been improved. Cinematography is alright as in some cases lighting could have better. Background score sounds too loud at the beginning but once the movie settles, it has been used effectively. At times, there aren’t any background score and the scenes have stood on their own. It has controlled the movie from sounding over melodramatic. Needless to say, the movie stands on its own as a musical-medical-drama.

Nevertheless, a huge question to the director himself is that why on earth did he choose this done-to-the-death storyline as his debut? Despite the fact that the movie looks a bit different in presentation, why would regular Nepali movie goers want to be bored by watching similar story again? It seems as if story tellers in Nepali movie industry are still fascinated by the concept arguably first popularized by Amitabh Bachchan – Rajesh Khanna starrer Anand in this sub-continent, which came out 48 years ago. Sano Mann doesn’t try hard to be a tearjerker and fail, rather it takes a different path of practical approach and somewhat mature handling of a complicated topic such as love. The beginning scenes of Sanya’s mundane life doesn’t add value to the story and gives viewers that feeling of a very ordinary movie.

Watch this movie for debut director’s commendable effort and sincere performances for all the actors involved. This movie could have been a special venture but has turned into an ordinary one because of the done and dusted storyline.

Producer: Yogesh Gurung, Rajiv Shrestha, Rajendra Manandhar, Ramesh K. Mittal
Director: Suyog Gurung
Cast: Ayushman Deshraj Joshi, Shilpa Maskey, Gauri Malla, Bishal Pahari, Rashmi Bhatta, Sishir Bangdel, Saksham Krishna Subedi, Dev Kumar Shrestha et al.


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