Samragyee-Dhiraj Performs On A Salsa Number In INTU-MINTU LONDON MA


We have seen Samragyee’s dance moves in her previous movies and especially in ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’, but seeing her perform a sexy salsa number and that too with the handsom Dhiraj magar, sounds exciting! Isn’t it?

makers of the movie ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’ has unveiled their Original Sound Track, which featured Samragyee and Dhiraj in pivotal role. The debutante boy Magar also performing good Salsa, which choreographed by Bikram Lama and Anjila Khatri.

OST has been composed by Tsujil karmacharya and he also crooned the song with Shreya Sotang. This is beautiful number and you can tap with the rhythm.

Movie is all set to release on Friday and has been directed by Renasha bantawa Rai under the banner of EyeCore Films. Enjoy the OST track right here :


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