Rato Teeka Nidharma Trailer OUT: Samragyee Shah’s Movie Promises An Emotional And A Humorous Experience


After a girl next door and transsexual character, Samragyee Shah will be seen in a very different and peppy role in the upcoming movie ‘Rato Teeka Nidharma’!

Directed by Ashok Sharma, Rato Teeka Nidharma! has released its an official trailer on cyber-space on Monday and it only increased curiosity level among the audience to know what’s more in the store.

The movie essays the story of foreign employment and brain-drain tendency among youths. According to the trailer, the movie advocate about that why youngster have to play the vital role for their country and society.

Going by the trailer, it looks refreshing and will tickle your funny bone. The comic antics by Buddi Tamang, Rajaram Poudel are hilarious. Rato Teeka Nidharma promises an emotional and humorous experience. Samragyee and Ankit Sharma’s chemistry is too cute.

The trailer keeps you hooked to know what’s up next. Samragyee is once again winning the hearts of the audience. The movie also has the pivotal role of Neeta Dhungana, Rabindra Jha, Shiva Hari Poudel, Khusbu Khadka etc.

The movie slated to release on 27th September.


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