‘Rato Teeka Nidharma’ Movie Review : A Mix of Abhorrent Shots


Rating: Well…

‘Rato Teeka Nidhar Ma’, releasing this week is the latest venture from veteran writer/director Ashok Sharma, who has chosen to name the movie from a once popular song from the movie Allare, which he himself had directed 21 years ago. This time as well, he sits in the directorial chair and has penned this social comedy with the cause and effect of foreign employment as its central theme.

The story is set in a fictional village of Gainde gaun in the Eastern Nepal, where people are leading the life of mere unemployed consumers. Aakash (Ankit) wants to fulfill his dream of landing in Australia once his one-sided love affair meets a tragic end. Drishti (Samragyee) wants to provide employment opportunities to the youths in the village so they don’t have to go abroad to make their living. They come face to face two years later only to find that there is conflict of interest between them. However, the movie ends with one winning the battle and other winning the heart (sort of), but you have to go watch the movie to find out how.

There are many characters in the movie mostly serving the attempt of comic relief to the viewers. However, most of them fall flat due to poor writing and execution. In fact, many of those scenes have already been heard as jokes or shown in Bollywood and Nepali movies since the 90s. It is as if instead of going deep into the storyline, the movie doesn’t want to take itself seriously and only want viewers to enjoy the meek show on screen.

Music is alright, titular song coming out as a winner of the two. Other technical aspects are ordinary while viewers can’t help but notice the fact that there is no correlation among shots one after another. Character establishment hasn’t been given enough time and as a result viewers find it hard to digest friendship between Ganesh (Buddhi), Mohit (Rabindra), Aakash and Drishti. In fact, no information whatsoever has been given about Aakash’s family.

Neeta Dhungana and usually type-casted Buddhi Tamang are in a new comic avatar while all other character actors are as usual; they could do more provided the material was good. Highlight of the movie is the lack of chemistry between the lead characters. Only silver lining in this dark cloud is the gracious and sincere handling of her role by Samragyee.

The movie leaves a message of possibility in the field of employment within the country, as well as raises voice against superstitions and against the cultural practice of widowhood. However, the execution has failed to present it in a gracious way.

Producer: Kiran Sharma, Kriti Sharma
Director: Ashok Sharma
Cast: Samragyee Shah, Ankit Sharma, Neeta Dhungana, Buddhi Ram Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Shiva Hari Poudel, Khusbu Khadka, Laxmi Giri, Aruna Karki


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