Priyanka Karki, Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Hang Out Together in Mumbai


Priyanka Karki and Aayushman Desraj Shrestha are hot and sizzling couple of Nepali movie industry who have become a reason for growing interest of audiences in films staring them.

Apart from work they also stay in limelight because of their relationship. After all they have publicly reveal their relationship.

Aayushman has went to India to take a class on a model agency where he will be getting training regarding modeling. After a few weeks, Priyanka also went to Mumbai to meet Ayushman from the set of ‘Shatru Gate’, which is being shoot at Birgunj, city of Indo-Nepal border.

At the time of release date of ‘Fateko Jhuta’, lead actress Priyanka been to mumbai so its quite difficult to manage promotion campaign says, producer Arjun Kumar. He is doing the promotion campaign along with director Nikesh khadka and actor Saugat Malla.

‘We are getting hardship without our lead actress’ Said Kumar, ‘Audience wants actress, Priykna is no here. Saugat is here’.’ The movie is slated to release on 17th Kartik.


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