Priyanka And Sanjya Enjoyed The Buggy Ride For HAPPY DAYS Promotional Tour


As the release date of ‘Happy Days’ inching closer, makers are gearing up for their immense publicity. They organized horse-drawn carriage publicity on Monday in Kathmandu, where director Milan Chams, actors Priyanka Karki and Sanjya Rauniyar enjoyed the ride.

The carriage started its city tour from Lagankhel, Lalitpur and came to end in Bhrikuti Mandap with press meet. Another tour of carriage publicity will start from Singha Durbar and to end at Saat Dobato, Lalitpur, makers informed.

Photos by Menu Tamang/Moviemandu

Speaking with media director Chams said that they reached among many audiences through buggy publicity. Intresting is, this is the second buggy riding for actress Karki, earlier she ride with her boyfriend Ayushman Desraj Shrestha.

Now, she enjoyed the riding with actor Gupta, who thanked to Priyanka for doing the movie. Talking about the movie, Priyanka said the movie is all about abroad life and its struggle of Nepali people. Producer BP Khanal came from London to Kathmandu for promote his movie ‘Happy Days.’

Mr. Chams hemled movie has the lead role Dayahang Rai, who is in India to shoot his next movie’Aappa’.


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