PRASAD Trailer: Bipin Karki And Namrataa Shrestha’s Movie Is A Perfect Blend Of Love And Emotion


Bipin Karki and Namrataa Shrestha have paired up for social drama titled “Prasad”. From last few days, the actors have been sharing interesting posters and stills from the movie on their social media pages.

The trailer of ‘Prasad’ is finally out today. The movie is directed by Dinesh raut and produced by Shuvash Thapa.

The trailer looks like a complete package of entertainment and human values. The trailer is a perfect blend of love and aesthetic values of relationship. It is intresting and leaves us excited to know what the movie is going to offer.

The story is set in a village where a couple living their life happily, The conflict arises when they knew that they can’t conceive. Director turned actor Nischal Basnet also seems in important role.

There’s romance, fun and darkness in the trailer that will leave us hooked till the end. Bipin and Namrata look adorable together and their chemistry is fresh. This is their first movie as a pair and they complement each other quite well.

Watch the trailer below:

The movie has been penned by Sushil Poudel and slated to release on 21st Mangsir, 2075.


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