Police Nabbed Movie Producer Madhav Wagle In The Charge For Uses Fake Money


Police has nabbed renown movie producer Madhav Wagle for the investigation of uses fake money while the shooting of ‘Changa Chet’. Police is taking him to the court to extend the date.

On Wednesday morning Mr. Wagle went to the Kathmandu metropolitan police office Maharjgung after the call of Police. Then police took him in their control entire day.

Sources said that some team member of movie were used fake money, which was made for just shooting, paid in a hotel. Then hotel complain to the Police and investigation started.

Mr. Wagle is the producer of blockbuster of ‘Loot’ series. Changa Chet was his latest movie, which has been wrapped up its shooting last week. He is also the vice-president of Nepal Film Producer Association.


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