‘Password’ Movie Review : A Huge Waste of Money And … Pretty Much Everything


Rating: 1/5

Password, the movie releasing this week is the story about the lost and stolen historical icons of Nepal that had been decorating the museums of the West for some time. As some of them were returned to Nepal by the governments of those countries, smugglers have been eyeing on those idols as they sell in huge prices in the black market.

Suddenly a gold idol of lord Shiva from Pashupatinath premise worth millions of pound is stolen and found in London. It is kept there in a vault at a secret location with a password known only to one person. Meanwhile a criminal named Vikki, goes rogue in London, where he escapes after murdering his father in Kathmandu. Nepal police sends their officers to London to nab the culprit, who is now after another mastermind criminal Jojo. Sounds about okay so far, right?

However, as the story unfolds, one of the criminals turn out to be a cop in disguise, while the other one was only set up by someone else. In addition, daughter of the person who has the password to the secret vault turns out to be a head honcho of all criminals and is planning a secret space mission with Elon Musk to establish a city in mars. Don’t believe me? Or the movie? But it is only a movie and anything can happen in a movie, right? Well, this is the psyche of the makers of this movie is what I am trying to tell you as in the world set up by movie Password, anything can happen.

A guy beating up a dozen well-built henchmen to pulp with bare hands, the villain not killing the hero when he had clear cut chance more than once merely because he is a hero, girls and boys fall in love at first sight, all such formulas of yesteryears Bollywood and Nepali movies are the primary ingredients of this movie. Logic relaxes and takes a back seat while the story is being narrated as no prior information is given to the twists and turns the movie takes.

Three policemen behaving like jokers are handed the job of arresting a murder suspect. They don’t change and show an iota of sincerity even when they have the suspect at hand and let him escape. And what more, London police also helps them do so. Nepal police and London police might have something to say regarding their representation in the movie.

Same can be said about the stereotypical helpless, weak and gullible characterization of women. The makers seem to be easily convinced that women need men in their lives as the female lead wish the new male in her life stayed close to her after her father’s death. The item number is another example of how the makers want viewers to perceive women in their movie.

After viewing the movie, one can notice that almost all of the casts are wasted mainly because they don’t fit in their roles. Only Buddhi Tamang, Chhulthim Gurung and somewhat Prabin Khatiwada look natural. In fact, it is beyond any regular movie goers’ imagination as to why there are so many unnecessary characters in the movie. Rabindra Jha performs and delivers his dialogues as he has done in Jatra series and makers want us to believe him in the role of a policeman.

This movie is advertised touting the presence of Bollywood diva Sunny Leone. It is only Sunny’s dance moves (the song could have definitely been better, perhaps more folk touch to it) and some shots of London are worth watching in this movie.

Producer: Amit Basnet, Hiral Joshi
Director: Samrat Basnet
Cast: Anoop Bikram Shahi, Bikram Joshi, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Prabin Khatiwada, Dhiren Shakya, Pari Rana, Bikrant Basnet, Lisa Sunar, Chhultim Gurung et al.


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