Nischal Basnet And Asif Shah To Star In DAMADOL, Everything You Need To Know


‘2 Rupiyan’ famed pair Nischal Basnet and Asif Shah are once again set to entertain with G21 production’s next ‘Damadol’. Talking with MM, director and script writer Asim Shah informed that Nischal and Asif have been officially roped in as lead male.

‘We are in the phase of script writing now’ he said, ‘When screenplay finish, then we will bring more artist on board.’ There is no officially confirmation about who will be lead female.

Director shah also clarified that, ‘Damadol’ wont’t be the installment of 2 Rupiyan’. ‘Actually, there won’t be the sequel of 2 Rupiyan, however we are thinking sequel of Damadol’. Damadol will be made on dark comedy genre.

Earlier, ‘Damadol’ was slated to release on 30th Shrawan 2076, now the date has been shifted. ‘New date will be final when script get wrap up’ Asim said, ‘We are planning to release the movie within this year’.

G21 Production will produce the venture.


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