Nine Movies Drastically Impacted By The Coronavirus, Nepali Movie Facing Rs 50 Crore Loss


Nepali movie is fully feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2” was the first movie to get a major release change, as the producers pushed it from March to mid of the year. Then ‘Neerphool’ delayed a day before it was supposed to hit theaters.

Now, Coronavirus has disrupted to the release calendar of Nepali movie. The Nepal government has ordered a closure of movie theaters, gyms and sports activities from Thursday. That’s why this drastic measures by the government will directly affected to those movies which were in the verge of release.

Premgeet 3, Chapali Height 3 and Michale Adhikari were set to release on 28th Chaitra. Lakka Jawan was set for the 21 Chaitra. In Baisakh, Lappan Chhapan 2, Hero Returns and Badri Bahadur were supposed to release. Now, all release plan has been cancelled.

This measure will apply till 30th April. QFX Cinemas, INI Cinemas and MidTown Cinemas have promised to back on that day. After cancellation of release dates, there will have huge pressure of release in later of the year.

With no movies being released in the coming months and the government suggesting new guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus, major theaters chains like QFX Cinemas has shut down all locations in response to the coronavirus.

Chapali Height 3 said in a statement that it will release the movie “this year once we have a better understanding of the impact of this pandemic on the theatrical marketplace.”

In Hollywood, Bond movie “No Time to Die,” Black Widow,” and “F9” are among the major movies delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Productions on potential blockbusters like Avatar sequels, “The Batman” and “Jurassic World: Dominion” have temporarily shut down.

According to the owner of the Regal Cinemas and QFX Cinemas, Mr Nakim Uddin, Nepali movie industry will lose approximately Rs 50 crores within 2 months. ‘Due to staffs, rents and bank interest, there would be huge loss’ he said.


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