Nepali Feature ‘Butterfly on the Windowpane’ Selects For Busan, LINE-UP Announces


‘Butterfly on the Windowpane’, directed by Sujit Bidari, has been officially selected at Busan International Film Festival in New Currents category. CLICK FOR LINE-UP :

10 films have been selected in this new category. The film is the first Nepali project to be selected in the main competition of the festival. Earlier, Nabin Subba directorial ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’ was selected for the Kim Jiseok Award, the second highest cash reward award with $10,000 USD.

2020 edition of the BIFF set to open in 21 October. Busan is hosting its 25th edition from the 21st October to 30th October 2020.

Director Mr Bidari is set to debut as feature film writer and director with ‘Butterfly on the Windowpane’ and already helmed 14 minute short film ‘Savitri’ earlier.

The film ‘Butterfly on the Windowpane’ is based on a 13 year old girl village girl, Bidhya, who aspires to further her studies in the city and marks the obstacles she faces due to societal pressure and how it shatters her dreams.

Sujit has compared the girl child’s educational dream with the struggles of a butterfly stuck in the glass windowpane. The butterfly while being stuck can see everything through the glass windowpane yet cannot free itself in spite of all its struggles. “The situation of our film’s protagonist is same as the butterfly”, says Sujit, “she wants to get out of the situation but every time she tries there is some obstacle or the other that forbids her to do so. With this film we will be able to see a reflection of the plight of the women in our society.”

Sujit says that the child like relationship shared by Bidhya and her 9 year old brother, Basanta are in pivotal characters in the film. “With the portrayal of this relationship, the film addresses and tries to change the patriarchal mentality of our society” said director Bidari.

Made with a budget of 1.25 Crs NPR, the film stars, Siru Bisht, Kanchan Chimariya, Dinesh Khatri, Raj Thapa, Bisha Chamling Rai, Umesh Shrestha and Mallika Shrestha. The film made under the banner of Icefall Productions and Local Cinema.


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