Nepal Says Goodbye to Thanos and Doctor Strange, We Are Missing You !


Today is the day when the world say goodbye to Marvel Avengers. However, Nepal is still remembering to Thanos (Josh Brolin) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Both A-Lister celebs from Hollywood were in Nepal during the shoot of their movies.

When Josh Brolin was at Mt. Everest during the movie shooting.

Thanos was at Mt. Everest for the shooting of ‘Everest 3D’ while Benedict was for the shoot of ‘Doctor Strange’. During their stay at Nepal, they meet Nepali people and shown their affection to the people.

Josh brolin at Kathmandu during Doctor Strange shooting.

Brolin starrer ‘Avengers End Game’ is now running at Nepali theaters from today. Many of them, doesn’t know, Thanos and Cumberbatch was here in Nepal before.


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