MR VIRGIN Teaser: Here’s How the Movie Dashes against Sexual Dogmatism of Nepali Society


These days, Nepalese movies are being made in the content of metro issues, like sex, crime and roller coaster life of city people. We just saw the teaser trailer of ‘Mr. Virgin’ which deals with an issue of changing perception of sex and sexuality.

Teaser revolves around three parallel characters, Gaurab Pahari in as Dhhal Bahadur, Bijaya Baral in as Pabitra Prasad and Kamal Mani Nepal in as Kumar Kanchha. The teaser tried to establish the character and their conflict though.

Meanwhile, Mariska Pokharel seems straightforward metro girl with her Roji character avatar in teaser, who dashed the patriarchal thought of sex of Nepali society. We could learn that makers are trying to portray changing perception and scenario of sex.

Nowadays, sex has not been only became the tools of men, but woman are more controlling and shaping their liberal attitude over the sex. Indeed, light comedy made the trailer captivating and we want to see more about in full trailer next.

Teaser contains one act of the screenplay, 2 acts still waiting! The movie marks the directorial feature debut for theatre background famed director Bisharad Basnet, who has teamed up with other 7 guys for written up the screenplay.

The movie slated to release on 17th August.


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