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Some month ago, I had discussed with Indian critics Premendra Majumdar about dramatic value of cinema in Kathmandu. He said, ‘the entry of sound in movie was extravagant, though it need to be sluggish’. His hint was for necessity of visual language. This statement is quite contemporary meanwhile history of half century Nepali movies to ‘PASHUPATI PARSAD’ movie all are working out same dramatic value.

Movie have released from Friday in the town. For this social drama movie I attempt to watch with mentally and core of the heart. When we feel through the heart, then a lot of quires will whippersnapper on our mind. I feel same alike. With the strong flow of feelings criticism became passive. But question can’t be unanswerable. Well, let talk about its content.

When Pashupati (Khagendra Lamichhane) loss his family and house of Sindhupalchowk due to massive earthquake of Baisakh he move to Kathmandu. He needs to pay fifty thousand loan of his father (who lost his life in quake) to the owner. He stay with (Mit Buwa) who use to criminate the death body in Pashupatinath then collect the coin in Bagmati river and search gold. Bhasme (Bipin Karki) want to stopover the work of Pashupati and conflict arises. He fell in love with Bunu (Barsha Shivakoti). However, an incident will occur in the life of Pashupati which will take the movie in interesting mode. To know this fascinating factor you have to watch the movie.

The main character of movie has its own dreams and boundary in 2 hr and 13 min duration of social drama. He is ready to do anything. His aim is to pay the debt and settle with wife in big house. When the height of building increase, so does the ambition of middle class increase equitably. We can see pashupati character in our own pathway, Hanuman (Ravindra Singh Baniya), a character whom we usually meet in the casino of Durbar Marg, Bhasme can be meet in our own dining table. Bunu can be meet as the college girl of our area. (Mit Buwa) can be seen as the uncle of our village. Every character has its own goal, conflict and dream. PASHUPATI PRASAD is the collage of this character who does the struggle.

We feel the structure and psychology of movie alike Dpendra’s previous movie ‘JHOLAY’ and influence from Khagendra’s Tulke. Both movie of the character has struggle, raise, style of storytelling and the philosophy based on reality. ‘PASHUPATI PRASAD’ is related to those character and continuation of same style of narration. Instead of storytelling, movie wins the hearts of audience by its content as well as dialogue punch line influence by Tulke and Kabbadi.

Audiences get engaged through the whole movie with emotional attachment. They feel emotional attachment with the lifestyle, language and regular struggle of lower class people. Dpendra Khanal’s story is related to linear, traditional narration style which makes the audience easy and simple to understand. The native language of Lisankhu village reflects the beauty of village. The main character Khagendra Lamichane, Parkash Ghimire, Bipin, Rabindra and Barsh has done beautiful acting. 7 min climax is totally mute narration. This critics feels that 7 min long climax is the short form of entire story.

But, Pashupati Prasad is not associated to literature. Movie has weak screenplay, verbal language and worst conflict. The gap between after the intermission and before the starting of crisis, has lost the rhythm of movie. The director has not shown the effort on the development of conflict and transformation. So that is has poor conflict. Due to the poor conflict of protagonist, it impact on controlling idea of movie thus, effect on antagonist conflict.

The main character Pashupati did not get sympathy though he need to get more since, he does slight struggle and talk more. Audiences who search for the visual language will feel quite bore due to the dialogue in every shot.

The narration style of Nepali audience is audio. Pashupati Prasad is continuing this style. In beauty of movie, consist of heavy drama does not improve the visual language. Nepali director need to move far from the approach of radio drama. If movie was more focus on the factors of screenplay, visual language and conflict, in that case Pashupati Parsad will be excellent product of literature.

Cinematography, editing and sound is good. Hard work in costume design can be seen. Dialogue is the definite actor of movie. Audiences feel the humor and seriousness in the dialogue and punch line rather than performance. It was quite important to visualize about the main place of Sindhupalchowk Lisankhu.

Hence, in-between fact and philosophy Pashupati Prasad is strong but, visual language is weak. If you want to watch the movie which has new thought and genuine story then, probably you have to watch Pashupati Prasad.

Since, in every era there will be the origin of character which has specific goal and struggle. Despite of having same time and pace Nepal is having two different civilizations. One civilization lives in Kathmandu on the other hand Sindhupalchowk. So that, Pashupati Prasad is more than philosophy and thought. This Critic urged audiences to watch the movie.

Movie: Pashupati Prasad
Rating: 3/5
Director: Dpendra Khanal
Cast: Khagendra Lamichhane, Barsha Shivakoti, Prakash Ghimire, Rabindra Singh Baniya
Duration: 2hr 13 min



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