Meet Director And Producer Of ROMEO AND MUNA : Watch Video


We all knew that the trailer of ‘Romeo and Muna’ is promising and hooking indeed. Due to elements of arts and content of mainstream movies, the trailer could be crowd puller in both multiplexes and single screens though.

Recently, MOVIEMANDU sat with the director Naresh Kumar KC and actor Vinaya Shrestha. They talked about how the movie being made and how audience could relate with the story.

Talking with MM editor Mr. Bisnu Sharma, director KC said that he has tried to build up the balance between arts and commerce. The ‘Dying Candle’ famed director also talked about his concept.

Actor Shrestha, who is marking the comeback after release of Resham Filili is seems happy and getting excited. He showed his interested on characters of ‘Larger than Life’. To know the detail, do watch the video:


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