Media Is Trying To Defame Us, I Never-Ever Recommended To Shristi, Says Saugat Malla


Nowadays, Love-birds Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha are talk of the tinsel-town in Kathmandu. The actor couple is being media headline from few months over their professional career.

In an organized press meet of their next movie ‘Poi Paryo Kale’ on Sunday at capital, Saugat and Shristi has tried to clarified the rumors, which was floating in media. Both showed their dissatisfaction about it.

‘Some section of media are trying to defame us that i have been recommended Shrsiti to new movie, where i have been roped’ Saugat said, ‘this is the false news and i would urge to all that don’t believe on such rumors’.

Saugat admired the acting ability of Shristi. Since couple of years, both are having an affair. When asked about the marriage, both said that they will do it when appropriate time arrives. ‘We are thinking about it and we will do when good time comes’ Shristi said.

This pair’s new movie ‘Poi Paryto Kale’ is all set to release on this Tihar festival. Talking about the movie Shristi said that the movie is all about racism and misogynist satire against social thoughts. ‘We have to stop the color shaming behave’ she said, ‘The movie has portrayed the complex relationship in humorous way.’

In another question, Saugat Malla officially confirmed about the exit of him from the movie Chapali Height 3 and Ram Ram.


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