Mark Your Calendar: Manoj Gajurel Starrer SAYA KADA DASH To Release On Feb 2019


Mark your calendar! Makers of the movie ‘Saya Kada Dash’ have announced an official release date on Saturday. In an organized press meet at Lalitpur, makers provided the food and sanitation materials to local social house.

They announced that Manoj gajurel starrer movie to hit the theatres on 18th Magh, 2075. ‘We have locked the date’ director Ram Sharan Pathak said to MM, ‘now; we are focusing in our way of style’s publicity.’

Speaking with media, comedian turned actor Mr. Gajurel said the movie will deliver the social and cultural message. ‘I did the movie because of strength of script’ he informed.

Actor Rajaram Poudel seems so much excited about played the movie that this is his best movie ever in career. ‘I have played such best movie ever in my acting career’ he said, ‘this has entertainment and knowledge indeed.’

The movie essay the social impact of corruption, which has been written by director Pathak himself. Movie also stars Karuna Shrestha, Amit Pokhrel, Amrit Dhungana and Soniya Rai.

Movie has been made by Rajju Pradhan and Uttam Khatri under the banner of Darshan Nepal creation.


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