Love Station : Pradeep Khadka Stares At The Biggest Flop Of His Career, What Went Wrong ?


The maverick actor Pradeep Khadka who has given the movie industry such brilliant projects as Premgeet 1 and 2 and Love Station is now looking at the biggest disaster of his career. Love Station, Pradeep’s one of the costliest production an estimated budget of Rs 2 crores, is all set to become the disaster of his career.

However, his previous ventures like Rose and Lilybily were also setback. Though the opening has been most impressive, critics and audiences have responded with unmitigated negativity describing the movie is the copy version of a Turkish movie.

The disaster coming during a year that has already spawned several major successes including ‘A Mero hajur 3’ is a stumbling block to the successful innings this year at the Nepal box office. Talking with some portals, Pradeep said that he is now focusing on Premgeet’3 third sequel, not in Kabaddi series.

Now, there is no doubt of benefit for Pradeep because, he starrer movies are being back to back disaster at BO. We think, he does know the real problem of the moment, what went wrong ?


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