‘Love Diaries’ Movie Review


Story: Two abroad returnee boys and a rebel of a girl,who are all going against their fathers’ will, meet in Chitwan and both boys fall in love with the girl, or … do they?

The movie opens with a fight between the two lead actors to give viewers the impression that it is a triangular love story. The beginning is capable of grabbing the viewers’ interest. The movie develops just as the viewers were lead to believe. And at the end, it succeeds in putting a smile on viewers’ face.

However, only if a surprise-ending and convincing initial development were enough to carry a movie. My experiences of watching a well-made love story in the theater tells me that the movie as it develops, brings viewing couples closer to each other, they start hugging and at times even kissing (even in Nepali theaters). A good love story makes you feel drenched with emotions; you feel for the vulnerable character and at the end it brings coy smile on your face. No matter how logical you are in real life, emotions you feel gets the better off of you and you ignore all the short comings and logic defying moments the movie might have offered.

Love Diaries is a Valentine’s Day release and in the theater, the turnout was good and there were a plenty of young couples among the viewers. I hadn’t hoped that these young viewers would be feeling all of the aforementioned phenomena, but I expected at least some of it. Yet, much to my disappointment, viewers can’t make note of any scene where they can feel that there is love between the characters. We can see characters sympathizing, helping each other and having conversations but can’t see it beyond friendship, albeit it is hard to digest that all of these can happen within a month.

Sushil Shrestha and Rubeena Thapa have done ‘alright’ job in the movie and they both look good. However, they are the only two who the viewers can give pass marks (they too look rigid at times). Apart from BishnuSapkota, most of the character actors look so unconvincing in their roles that at times, you seriously feel for the director who decided to ‘okay’ the shots. You might even ask what a director could be doing in this movie. And the lesser we talk about BishwojeetRimal the better. Songs are very ordinary and there is lack of coordination between background music and scenes.

Overall, Love Diaries offers a predictable and boringmid-section with an unpredictable ending. Regardless of how the makers have tried to tie all the loose ends at the end (the end is pleasing though), lack of chemistry among the characters, mundane proceeding, anda very dull second half because of sloppy screenplay bogs the movie down.

Producer: Binod Sapkota
Director: Saurav Chaudhary
Story/screenplay: Madhu Bastola
Cast: Sushil Shrestha, Rubeena Thapa, Bishwojit Rimal, Bishnu Sapkota, Bishal Pahadi et al.

Rating: 1.5/5


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