KAIRA Has Novelty, Took Risk For It, Says Aaryan Sigdel : INTERVIEW


Actor turned producer Aaryan Sigdel recently sat with MM and talked about Kaira and his character. He shared some feelings that why he moved backward and what he has plans to move ahead. Excerpt !

Tell us about your character in Kaira.
My character is : lucky for everything, unlucky for love. He is happy in everything. When love comes, he fails. The character of Jaya is another name of struggle to get love.

What is the novel factor in Kaira in comparison with other love story ?
The character is fresh. His looks are fresh. There is a statement: who laugh more, he is suffering from pain. This is the content of the movie. Story is totally fresh though, audience could feel fresh.

Tell us about your shooting experience with Samragyee Shah.
When script writing had finished, we discussed that kaira character match with Samragyee. We felt, she can what he doing in screen. Then we approached to her. I didn’t feel that she is a new comer artist. I felt she is damn professional! She understood the character very fast. We did enjoy while working on the set.

Here in ‘Kaira’, how much you feel mature yourself as an actor? Have you corrected your past mistakes?
This is natural phenomenon that maturity build up with the flow of work. Personally I grow with maturity, but my character is still immature. This character won’t do anything, what Aryan Sigdel did in past. That was strictly prohibited for me. In Kaira I have controlled my body and hand movement.

Why you chose stereotype character?
I have done the character with stay outside. However, these movies get critically applauded but commercially failed. Nowadays, love story movies are being reduced and other garner are increasing. Audience liked me in love story than in others. That’s why I came in love story. I wish I could do every character.

I always wish that emotion should connect with character, whatever that is. If I do action, emotion should connect with that. Actually, my wish to do patriotic movies with love.

What do you say about the critics, who are saying your character has no novelty?
I don’t want comment on this. Because, love story revolves around romance, emotion, sentiment. Situation night be different, but they could feel the emotion while doing the character. They might feel stereotype but I do enjoy on it.

What is the commercially vale of love story movies in Nepal ?
Movie is a gamble for me. Luck also matters. Love story movies gives the long life to the characters than others. If audience feel themselves in love story character. They never forget it. Production cost of love story also high than other. See, my earlier love story have done good business at box office.

What is your statement to audience?
There was a huge time gap for me. I withdraw a project, which wasn’t good for me. That’s why I have been feeling I got back. In Kaira, I have brought a good love story as per audience test. Hope that I would meet the expectation of the audience.


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