“Kagazpatra” Movie Review : An Industrial Scale Mess


Rating. Who cares?

A woman wants to send her husband abroad to have a better future for her family, even if it means marrying him off to her own younger sister. The younger sister is a nurse, who wants to go abroad but doesn’t have money to finance her further education in Australia. So, she decides to marry her sister’s husband to finance her trip to Australia so he could also go abroad later as a dependent. Will their plan succeed? What happens to the lover boy who plans to marry the nurse sister one day? Answers to these questions make up the rest of the story. Or at least this is what I think it is.

However, the director doesn’t take us through this story alone. There is nothing that is emphasized or confidently outlined as the central conflict of the movie. It could be love, it could be family, it could be social fear, it could be greed for money, you really have to think to understand this. Or you can ask yourself, “Do I really care?” There are more sub plots and stretched scenes that will bore you to death. Unnecessary humorless farces, unimportant scenes that just add minutes to the movie that is already going nowhere and cringe worthy dialogues that are so vulgar and embarrassing to laugh make up the rest of the movie.

Cinematography is so worse that you can barely recognize someone who is standing ten feet away from the focused character, and it is not intentional. Simply put, if there were no background scores and songs in the movie, it would have been all the same. It was a nice opportunity for the team to showcase some beauty of Dang district, where the movie based. But all they show are the rural roads and ugly bridges over some unrecognizable rivers. Is that all Dang has to offer?

Even in this mess of an affair, all the actors have given descent performances. This is a huge let down from the director, writer, cinematographer, just about everybody else apart from the actors, who look natural enough.

Producer: Khilendra Timsina, Mukesh Regmi, Prajapati Siwakoti
Director: Apil Bista
Cast: Nazir Husen, Shilpa Maskey, Sarita Giri, Bhola Raj Sapkota et al.


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