Introducing THINLEY LHAMO From NAKAA Movie


Thinley Lhamo makes her debut in Nepali movie in an opposite of Bipin Karki in Naakaa. She spoke to us about her days while shooting and her journey till date. Excerpts :

How was the experience of acting alongside Bipin Karki?
It was great experience working with such great actor. There was so much to learn from him and he was helpful to me in many ways and mostly in terms of work.

How do you define yourself? Actress or heroine?
Ahhh! I cannot differentiate between these things but for now I think I’m just a character of the movie Naakaa.

Tell us about your character ‘Sonam’ in the movie.
I play a character of a refugee girl from Tibet, who crosses the border and comes to Nepal and she faces language barriers. A girl who is very scared of the situations because she couldn’t trust anyone.

Do you relate with the character you are doing in your real life as well?
In terms of background yes I do relate to character to some extend but in other terms the girl in the movie ‘Sonam’ and I are completely different. Sonam is a simple and fearful girl whereas in real life I’m quite hyper.

How did you prepare yourself for the role in Naakaa?
I faced lots of difficulty in first few days of shooting because I did not go through any kind of extreme preparation and technically I was unknown as well. But due to the support and coordination of our entire team I was able to give my best.

What made you choose Naakaa?
I chose this movie because I thought this was challenging for me since I don’t relate to the type of shy and simple girl that is portrayed in the movie. And the other major reason for doing Naakaa is opportunity. I wanted exposure in this field and let’s see what happens next.

What is your chemistry with Goldie (Bipin Karki) in the movie ?
The chemistry between us is portrayed in a simple way because the girl is simple and has a language barrier so they connect to each other with the expression of their eyes like we see in old Bollywood movies.

Any message you want to give to the audiences?
Please support the entire team of the Naakaa because we have worked towards bringing something new and different to the audiences and we believe this movie spreads awareness in people as well. Here’s wishing Thinley Lhamo all the very best for her career.

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