If Producer Would Pay 11 Crore, I Will Walk For Entire Publicity, Says Priyanka Karki


Artist from Nepali movie town have been facing same question nowadays. Question is: Why they are not supportive for movie publicity? Priyanka Karki has answer on it.

She says, if producer would pay 11 crore on her, then she will walk for publicity full time. During the press meet of her latest flick ‘Butterfly’, she urged to media persons that not to compare Nepali movie with Bollywood.

‘Actually, this is my compulsion. I have no side business like boutique, parlor etc. that’s why I have to earn from movie’ she said. She explained, she is trying to break the stereotype image in movie industry and conservative perception towards it.

Actor Aaryan Adhikari has hope for his second movie, which has his action, romance and drama. He shared some intresting moment of shooting with Priyanka at Rani Mahal in Palpa.

According to actress Karki, movie has level of intensity and complex dimensions of love story. Director and screen writer Om Gurung Prateek said he has made a love story movie, which never seen ever. He also denied the accusation that he is not belongs to old school of thought.

The movie also stars Arpan Thapa, where he seems a cop character. The movie will release on 28th Push and clash with Dayahang Rai starrer ‘Mr. Jholay.’


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