How a Critic Could be a Good Screen-Writer, Here’s What Sushil Paudel Has To Say


Dinesh Raut and Sushil Paudel are in board of ‘Prasad’, which is releasing on 21st mansgir pan Nepal. Raut is a director and Paudel is a debut screen-writer, who is marking his movie career in as writer. Both have enthusiasms regarding the Prasad. Recently, they sat with MM and talked about their ideas and conceptualization of the movie. Excerpt:

Tell us about your team-up in “Prasad”; are there possibilities of collaboration in near future?
Sushil : It would be determined only after the release of movie, whether it would go long or not. We are satisfied with our team-up in Prasad, but important is how audience could perceive it.
Dinesh : We are in week away to release. We did the project after convincing upon script. We seen the movie after and after in editing table, Sushil jee and I are both satisfied. There is always the space for to make better. If critic and audience point out the issue, it would be good for further collaboration in near future.

Will box office numbers impact on your future team-up?
Dinesh : Actually, we didn’t follow the market trend and commodity production style of movie making. Regarding the cinematic thought, Sushil jee and I was in same page. Since the starting of project, we never thought the commercial approach. The artistic thought of cinema brought us in the board of “Prasad”.

As a critic and journalist are you convince with your own writing? What do you think that how your friend circle could response it?
Sushil : Firstly, I’m afraid with me, than with others. Still I’m the movie journalist and critic. I just put forward my writing in movie. And now, critic Sushil Poudel is also closely watching its identity of screen-writer. I have to evaluate myself as critic and screenplay writer. Prasad might have lacks but not loopholes, this is our aim. We defy the trend of market and we came up with our new concept against the tide of populism in movie making. In my view, Prasad is the taste of homemade dishes and its pure organic.

We are making ‘Nepali’ movie, but are we forgetting our own society and incident around us? Are there lapses in Nepali stories, characters and conflict in the movie? Amidst these questions, ‘Prasad’ is a voice and representative of society. We believe that, audience could relate with their own story and Prasad.

How a critic could write the good movie? Do you feel that is there any challenge in-front of you as critic and screen writer in same time?
Sushil : There is no rule that successful critic will be succeed in movie making. He/she might be fail too. Both tasks are quite different. The duty of critic is to create the avenues for film maker.

How audience could believe on you?
Dinesh : I have done almost love stories movie before. Whatever is the genre, I think I have to dive in depth. I created the mental conflict inside characters in love story movies. In also ‘Prasad’, the story is different but the conflict is within characters. Only genre is change, although my style of narrative is in the ‘Prasad”. This time I have been engaging more with society. So that, audience need to watch the ‘Prasad’.

How did you believe on Dinesh Raut as director? Do you think that can he deliver good craftsmanship with your script?
Sushil : I had watching him (director Raut) since his debut directorial ‘I’m sorry”. Debut to his recent movies, I found Dinesh jee has a same line which has not been changed. I feel that, he is the director who wants to play inside the mentality and conflict of characters. Then I approached him. Finally, our cinematic thought was getting started to shape.


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