Hollywood’s Warner Bros Provided Hundred Movies To Nepal’s Oscar College


Leading Hollywood studio Warner Bros has provided more than hundred DVD movies to Nepal’s Oscar International College. According to college, these movies were produced by studio and included critically acclaimed also.

Head of the college, Mr. Binod Poudel informed that DVDs will remain in library and will be shown to the students as per an academic requirements. ‘These masterpieces will help our students to broaden their horizons and will be an eye-opener to them’ he said.

‘This is the beginning of other future collaboration between warner bros and Oscar international college’ he further said. Provided movie has included the collection of Alfred Hitchcock, Satyajit Ray, Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski, Al Pacino, Zyang Yimou collections along with American Classic Movies and Gone With The Wind, more.

Earlier, several international studios and studios have provided an education kits and scholarship to college.


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