Hollywood Actress Oprah Winfrey To Run For US President in 2020


Winfrey is said to be “actively considering” a run for the White House, after she delivered a powerful and widely praised speech at the Golden Globes.

Moments after the 63-year-old entrepreneur and billionaire made the speech in Los Angeles, an address about confronting racial and gender inequality, social media lit up with hashtags declaring #Oprah2020.

Leslie Odom Jr, who played Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical Hamilton, was among those to throw his support behind her: “She’s running. A new day is on the way,” he tweeted.

At the event, Ms Winfrey said she had no plan to run for the White House. Yet her partner Stedman Graham, told the LA Times: “It’s up to the people. She would absolutely do it.”

On Monday morning, CNN said the celebrity was “actively thinking” about a run, according to two of her close friends who requested anonymity. Some of her confidants have been privately urging her to run, the sources said.

Ironically, the ascension of Mr Trump to the White House – the first President in modern history without either governing or military experience – may have made it easier for Ms Winfrey to run.

The celebrity businesswoman and television personality has always played down a political future. She did so again on Sunday, after delivering a speech that promised “a new day” for women, saying “I don’t”, when asked by Bloomberg News if she had a plan to run.


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