Here’s Why, Rajesh Hamal Ousted From PREMGEET 3 ?


After 2 month’s chaos, actor Rajesh Hamal has rejected to join the movie ‘Premgeet 3’. ‘He won’t be part of it’ Roshan Hamal, personal representative of Mr Hamal informed to MM.

Producer Mr Santosh Sen also confirmed the news that Hamal won’t be joined the project. ‘This is betray for us’ Sen said, ‘We waited till 2 months and now they are saying NO, this is not good.’

Sen said, Hamal is not doing the movie due to his ‘busy schedule’.

On Sunday evening, team from actor Hamal and Producer were called the meeting, where they discussed about it. After Hamal’s exit from the project, makers of Premgeet 3 are looking to replace the character.

Earlier, makers were said that Hamal will playing the role in as father of two lead actors in the movie. Santosh Sen and Chheten Gurung is directing the movie and slated to release on 28th Chaitra.


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