Here’s What Subin Bhattarai Has To Say About Movie ‘Summer Love’


Mr Subin Bhattarai is an author of best selling Nepali novel ‘Summer Love’, which was adopted in as a movie. The movie in the same name released on Friday across Nepal and initial feedback is lukewarm.

Before the release, he was looked quite defensive and nervous, but on Friday the smile was returned on his face. Speaking with media Mr. Bhattarai said that he is very happy about the movie.

‘The movie made good. The movie is honest inside the book which I related. My favourite element of the movie is its emotion transfer. Makers seem sincere for the screenwriting and adopting’ he said.

He shared his unhappiness about the casting of character. ‘Despite the missed cast, I found the movie is brilliant though’ Bhattarai said with media persons. Now I
came to fact that these characters are real’ he said to MM.

He also announced to make the remake of ‘Summer Love’ after 15 years. ‘If the situation goes well, I will direct the movie’ he said, ‘I think I can justify on visual language rather other’.

Muskan Dhakal directorial movie has the lead role of Aasis Piya, Rewati Chetri and Suraj Singh Thakuri.


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