HAPPY DAYS To Set Landmark At International Market, Says Producer And Actor : VIDEO


Audience is excited for the release of ‘Happy Days’ and producer and actor has come up with their own ideas. Talking with MM, producer BP Khanal has said that ‘Happy Days’ had begun its international tour of Nepali movie since its very beginning.

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Along with actor Vikky Joshi, Mr. Khanal is arriving in Kathmandu to promote the movie. The Socio-rom drama was totally shot at United Kingdom and Nepali audience could find fresh glimpse from the movie.

‘We non-residence Nepali are not only being emotional with movie but we are trying to expand the international market too’ Khanal said. Actor Joshi, who is marking his debut from ‘Happy Days’ is keen excited to the release. They both talked with MM. Excerpts:


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