Happy Birthday Swastima Khadka Basnet !


Over few years ago who would’ve thought that ‘Hostel Returns’ from ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ would actually turn out to a be queen and result in a Nepalese movie domination in future. Swastima Khadka Basnet started off her career at a slow pace but only to mark her presence all over the country.

Doing some remarkable performances in movies, she has now gained the tag of a good actress. She had it in her to reach this far and she proved that time and again in K’Town.

Kutu Ma Kutu, song from the movie ‘2 Rupiya’ became blockbuster in cyber space and it made Swastima super-hit than her previous movies.

Today is the birthday of Swastima Khadka Basnet, Though we’re very happy with all her achievements and wish her all the very best for future. Happy Birthday!


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