Happy Birthday Pradeep Khadka, Continue To Rule Our Hearts, Says Nepali Celebs


Charming, chivalrous and caring are some of the words used by Nepali celebs, to describe the actor Pradeep Khadka, who is celebrating his 26th birthday today.

Nepali celebs and his fans are sending their best wishes to Mr. Khadka. He was born on 10 March 1992 in Kusunti, Lalitpur as the son of Tek Bahadur Khadka and Sharada Khadka.

Actor Pradeep Khadka chooping the birthday cake last year. File Photo

Pradeep continued his education in the field of management and received an MBA specializing in marketing from the Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Kathmandu, an affiliation of Sikkim Manipal University, India.

Very passionate about movies and moviemaking since an early age, Pradeep started a movie production company called Pradeep Media Pvt. Ltd in 2011. The company produced a movie called Escape and Pradeep debuted as lead actor. The film was a commercial failure.

In 2013, Pradeep Media produced another movie named Thulo Manche (i.e. Big Man) and Pradeep didn’t have any screen roles. Nonetheless, Thulo Manche was another failure in box office.

Frustrated to see his dreams crushed, Pradeep started to plan leaving Nepal in search of better of opportunities abroad. When he was planning to move to Australia, the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal forced him to postpone his plans. In interviews, Khadka ironically says that he is one of very few Nepalis who benefited from the devastating quake.

It was during that time the production team of Prem Geet was looking for a fresh face and Pradeep auditioned for the role.

Once released, Prem Geet became a huge commercial and critical success and Pradeep was appraised for his role as the lead actor of the movie. After the success of Prem Geet, Khadka abandoned his plans to move to Australia and decided to continue his acting career in Nepal.

His recent recent released, Premgeet 2, which was huge commercial success at Nepal BO. He has pipeline of release like ‘Lilybily’ and ‘Bhairavi.’


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