‘Hajar Juni Samma’ Movie Review : An Average Affair


Rating: 2.5/5

‘Hajar Juni Samma’ releasing this Thursday is the second venture in two months to come out from Sikkim after Dayahang starrer ‘Appa’. This latest affair is a multi-starrer love story, with a well experienced director from the West of the border.

In the movie,  a singer from Pokhara working at a restaurant in Sikkim and local girl fall in love with each other. A mere nine-day affair becomes so deep that the singer vows to wait for her even if it means he has to reincarnate for thousand times. However, a trick played by the girl’s admirer separates them and they part their ways. Fast forward 14 years and the singer is living in Pokhara with his two sons. The sons, seeing their father drowning his sorrows every day, take him to Sikkim hoping to meet the love of his life. Will they succeed in reuniting them? And what of the girl one of the sons fall for, who is from Sikkim but studying medicine in Pokhara? For that you have to go watch the movie.

A love story with an ailing central character and important role of a child actor, this movie indeed has some similarities to director Bikas Raj Acharya’s previous works. Though the movie lacks pace at times, it has enough entertainment quotients to cease it from being a boring affair. Attractive and refreshing locales and Salon Basnet’s comedic act keep the viewers engaged throughout. However, apart from the remade song, music could have been much better. Cinematography is alright but there are too much of color grading in some of the scenes.

All the actors have done their parts well. Aryan Sigdel’s dialogue delivery and facial expression suits his character but his body language doesn’t look that of an old man. Even his makeup makes him look much older than the movie suggests. Sanchita, Priyanka and Swastima all have done justice to their roles. Yet, it’s Salon Basnet and his comic timing that steals the show. He walks away with most of the punch lines and makes the movie livelier. Debutant actor Akhilesh Pradhan looks the part but his deadpan expression and strange sounding dialogue delivery doesn’t help him.

As the movie reaches its climax, viewers are still kept in suspense as to what happens to the lead actors’ love story. However, the ending doesn’t do justice to the built up and it is almost anti-climactic. Moreover, it looks forced only to justify the title of the movie. There isn’t enough information given to validate the lavish lifestyles of characters and why the leads didn’t bother to communicate further to clarify or even to say final few words of farewell to each other before taking such drastic steps. The movie doesn’t succeed in convincing the viewers behind reasons why that mere nine day’s affair was worth a thousand rebirths.

A road trip from Pokhara to Sikkim sounds interesting. And if you could enjoy the journey not minding the destination, you will not be disappointed with this venture.

Producer: Bishal Chamling
Director: Bikas Raj Acharya
Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Sanchita Luitel, Swastima Khadka, Salon Basnet, Akhilesh Pradhan, Shiva Hari Paudel, Anubhav Regmi.


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