‘GHAR’ Trailer Ft. Surakshya Panta: Have We Already Got Our Best Horror Movie?


After a couple of screamers and scary posters, the makers of ‘Ghar’ have finally released the trailer, It’s scary. The screamers got some amazing reactions from the audiences and people loved it.

Now, the trailer looks so scary that the people who love horror movies should definitely watch this one. This horror-thriller flick has the lead role of Arpan Thapa and Surakshya Panta. Watch the trailer right here:

We can ensure what comes next will definitely send chills down your spine. This horror flick is going to be one of the best horror movies made in Nepal. Ghar, Arpan Thapa’s directorial venture made under the banner of DS Digital.

Movie also has the lead role of Benisha Hamal and audience might be goosebumps as they see the role of Surakshya in this trailer. Ghar is slated to release on 19th July, 2019. Movie has been made by Sharmila Pandey.


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