Exhibitor And Producer Inked 16 Points Pact : FULL READ


Nepal Motion Picture Association and Nepal Producer Association have forged the consensus about share distribution and other crucial issues of Nepali movie industry.

In an organized press meet at Kathmandu both organizations unveiled the 16 point pact. As per the pact, producer will get 50 percent share in first week from multiplex, whereas second week will get 45, third week 40 and after 4th week 35 percent respectively.

However, in single screen, the share will divide 50-50 percent between producer and exhibitor in first week.

Along with, producer will get share amount within 2 weeks from multiplex when distributers issues the VAT bill. Pact also made criteria between multiplex and single screen theatre.

The pact will effective from 18th May. Both parties also made their commitment on Box Office system. Although, there are mixed reaction among movie makers regarding the pact.


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