Dipendra K Khanal Set The Release Date For Post-Pandemic Project CHISO MANCHHE, Unveils Theme Poster


Director turned producer Dipendra Kumar Khanal has announced the release date for his post-pandemic movie ‘Chiso Manchhe’ on 11th Bhadra, 2078. According to him, the movie will hit the floor after Tihar festival, if things goes happen.

Along with the theatrical date, the movie also unveiled its theme logo poster, which is in sky blue color. Sharmila Pandey and Dipendra will team-up for this drama.

‘We think the industry have to be vibrant again in this midst of Corona crisis’ the movie team have said in press release, ‘We are hoping the help as in before.’ According to the Dipendra, who is also the writer for this social drama informed that ‘Chiso Manchhe’ is a socially metaphorical title.

‘The title itself reflects the mood of society and how the time is struggling with COVID era’ Dipendra said, ‘The title is metaphor for this time where we are living.’ Ensemble cast of the movie has not been final yet.

The Facebook page of Dipendra also being verified. CONGRATULATIONS !


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